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Other Services

Mentoring, Observerships, and Internships
  • Are you a Kinesiology or Exercise Science student or recent graduate seeking an observership, internship, or mentoring opportunity?  
  • Jeff has been mentoring kinesiologists and exercise physiologists for the past 10 years.
  • Official medical fitness internship Provider for Penn State University's Kinesiology program -- the #1 ranked Kinesiology program in the U.S.
  • Also serve as an internship Provider for Hofstra University, Mercy College and CUNY Queens College.
  • Exercise science curricula in colleges/universities will teach you general theory and application. JYKinesiology will teach you how to think, process, analyze, and reason using that information.
  • Email for more information.
Gym and Health Club Seminars and Workshops
  • Jeff has performed live seminars and/or workshops for nearly every major health club chain in New York City, since 2007.
  • Seminars/workshops can be either NASM approved CEC courses or 60 to 120-minute, non-CEC, educational courses.
  • Email for more information.


 Personal Fitness Training
  • Fitness training sessions available in Manhattan, New York
  • Depending on availability, train with either Jeff or one of his degreed, certified, trained fitness professionals
  • Email for more information
Nutrition Services
Purchase other Medical Fitness books
Jeff offers three other medical fitness books:
  1. Concepts in Medical Fitness for Fitness Trainers for only $11.95 (not for continuing education credit) click here
  2. Concepts in Medical Fitness for Physicians and other Healthcare Providers for only $9.95 (not for continuing medical education credit) click here
  3. Concepts in Medical Fitness for Laypeople (click below)