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Purchase the "Concepts in Medical Fitness" CEC approved book

Concepts in Medical Fitness - Exercise Prescription for People with Disease or Joint Pain has been approved for .4 CECs (4 contact hours) by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the National Federation for Professional Trainers (NFPT).  


Priced at $60 this equates to $15 per contact hour, which is a bargain-basement price!  No traveling necessary.  Read at your own pace.  Answer the test questions at the end of the book at your own pace.


How do I obtain my CECs?

1.  Click on the link below to purchase the .pdf copy of the book.

2.  After reading the book, copy/paste the 60 question exam to a Microsoft Word document and answer the questions.

3.  Email Jeff at with your Word document/answers attached.

4.  A 70% (or greater) grade is needed to pass the exam (i.e. 42 out of 60).

5.  Upon completion and a passing grade, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed back (please allow 3-5 business days).

6.  Receive a $10 refund if the book is purchased by another fitness professional who mentions your name.  

  • $20 refund if purchased by two fit-pros who mention your name.

  • $30 refund if purchased by three fit-pros who mention your name.

  • $40 refund if purchased by four fit-pros who mention your name.

  • $50 refund if purchased by five fit-pros who mention your name.

  • $60 refund if purchased by six or more fit-pros who mention your name.

7.  If you have any questions please send an email to

What is Concepts in Medical Fitness About?
Video coming soon!

Penn State University has one of the top ten American College of Exercise is Medicine on Campus programs in the world.  They began an interview series about medical fitness and Exercise is Medicine, and I was fortunate enough to be the inaugural interview.  This was filmed in October 2017 at Penn State's Center for Fitness and Wellness following a seminar and workshop I performed for Kinesiology students.

The American College of Sports Medicine even tweeted my interview from their Twitter account a couple hours after Penn State posted the video to their Exercise is Medicine website -- very cool.