JYKinesiology, LLC is Your Medical Fitness Service Provider

JYKinesiology, LLC is a unique company located in New York, NY currently offering medical fitness services at multiple healthcare facilities in New York City and providing assistance for healthcare facilities nationwide.



We are a primary referral source for the oldest and largest preventive health services company in the U.S. and a trusted referral source for many medical professionals in New York City.


Our role is to seamlessly integrate general fitness, medical fitness, and post-rehabilitation services within independent healthcare facilities.


Our brand includes the following:


  • We staff Kinesiologists and Exercise Physiologists who have experience training special populations.

  • All fitness trainers adhere to the same governing body based exercise science, medical, and sports medicine principles when creating exercise prescriptions, avoiding the "one says this, the next says that" problem that permeates the fitness industry.

  • We train individuals across the spectrum of medical maladies, including those suffering from most types of chronic disease and nearly all types of musculoskeletal issues.

  • We work directly with the referral source in creating safe, efficient exercise prescriptions.

  • Patients train in clinical settings under the watchful eye of medical professionals.

  • We offer one-on-one and small group training and provide educational services for individuals, students, fitness professionals, medical professionals, health clubs, and companies.





Adding Medical Fitness Services is a Win-Win-Win-Win situation:
  • Your facility wins via increased revenue and brand enhancement.

  • The referral source wins because their patients are continuing to be trained in a safe, clinical setting, by Kinesiologists and Exercise Physiologists, under the watchful eye of your medical staff.

  • The patient wins because they continue to receive supervised care in a safe, clinical setting, at a higher standard than they'll find at any gym or health club.  They will also continue to improve their health and fitness and acquire the knowledge and tools they need to increase well-being and longevity, and improve their quality of life.

  • By adding a medical fitness component you provide job and career opportunities to degreed fitness professionals who would love to work in this clinical, medical fitness "space."

  • You will also play a role in changing the paradigm in healthcare, where adding fitness and "Exercise is Medicine" within clinical settings should be the norm.


If you aren't located in New York City, JYKinesiology can still help you.  Through our relationship with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, Medical Fitness Association, and the American Council on Exercise, we can assist in finding you qualifed, experienced fitness professionals.  We can also assist in vetting and training them if needed.


Email us at JYKinesiology@gmail.com for more information.

You won't find a more qualified medical fitness service company in the U.S.  We are making a difference on a national level.  You'll find more information on the About page.